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Meet Matt

I’m Matt Benda, Republican Candidate for Minnesota’s First Congressional District Special Election.

I would be honored to carry on former Congressman Jim Hagedorn’s strong tradition of fighting for small businesses, agriculture and promoting the world class health care system we have in southern Minnesota. 

As your Congressman, I’ll fight to return us to energy independence and bring down the cost of gas. I’ll lead the charge for fiscal sanity and against wasteful spending and regulations that drive inflation. 

Like you, I am fed up with the Joe Bidens and Dr. Faucis of the world that want to impose their misguided dictates on us. I, for one, cannot stay silent any longer.  I have too much optimism and hope for our country to sit on the sidelines. 

I’m pro-life, a defender of the Second Amendment and I will never forget who I represent. I’m a homegrown and hardworking conservative, and I respectfully ask for your vote. 


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